Howard Stern The Camp Wel-Met Days

In honor of The History of Howard Stern being played this week on Howard 100.

Today was the first day of The History of Howard Stern on Howard 100. Most of the bits played so far I have heard before, but I thought that the presentation "The Tapes Team" put together was pretty tight.

Today's episode took us from Howard's birth, through his days spent at Boston University, with stories of his summer days at Camp Wel Met as a camper, a dish boy and finally a counselor. Plenty of old tape that featured Howard telling stories to the gang through the years intermixed with interviews from his old friends such as Doctor Lou and others.

Of course it is not as fresh as a live show, but every hundredmillionaire needs three weeks of for Christmukkah, so I'll take The History Of Howard Stern as a worthy substitute and a nice retrospective of the King Of All Media's career.

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