Ventured Outside To Check Out The Snow

I woke up around 5am and the snow was coming down hard and heavy at that point. It looked beautiful through all our windows, the lights from the parking lot really highlighted the snow falling upon a background of night time darkness and the red bricks of the mill next door. It was quite picturesque.

The changeover to freezing rain and pellets started around 8am and that was enough to get me out of bed as there was plenty of ping, ping, ping going on against the windows. Crystal had already been up for hours doing homework and such. She made us a nice breakfast, we lounged around watching the Travel channel sipping coffee and hot chocolate.

At 11am we decided to take a quick venture outside to check the elements and snap a few pictures. We are now freshly showered and warm, the first beers of the day have been cracked and it is about time to settle in to watch the Pats demolish the Jets.

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