Choose Your Own Adventure Stencil Graffiti- San Francisco

San Francisco artists Stranger One and Stranger Two created an interactive art installation titled "She Loves The Moon". The story uses stencils in the format of the Choose Your Own Adventure books that I enjoyed while growing up.

There are 43 stencils in all, with the story beginning in two different locations, converging at a point and has 4 alternate endings depending on the path the reader takes.

This is a superb street art concept, the interactivity really seems to intrigue and pull in the passerby. This is a great way to integrate street art into urban surroundings in a very nondescript way, but can create a real and lasting impact with passerby. There are still street art detractors will consider this "vandalism", but in my opinion stencil art such as this which is simply painted on the sidewalk and tells as story such as this does nothing but enhance an environment, not detract.

She Loves The Moon On Flickr
Night Bandits Of Graffiti

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