Eric The Midget And Kendra Meet In Real Life

***UPDATE January 7, 2009***

Check this link for the pics of Eric The Midget with Air Force Amy at The Bunny Ranch.

Eric The Midget Naked at The Bunny Ranch

Breaking News 9/2/08-

Brand New Eric Pictures

News always seems to break when Howard Stern takes a week vacation. Whether it is the death of a celebrity, a big national news story or something major involving the wack pack for some reason when Howard is not on the airwaves there is always something that I would like to hear his two cents on.

This past week Howard 100 news has reported on and I have seen the actual proof of Stern Fan Network that the whole Kendra Secrets and Eric The Midget relationship was a scam initiated by Johnny Fratto in order to get airtime on The Show and get Kendra plugs. No surprise there... It is plain to see to any long time Stern Fan that Howard has a soft spot for Eric and he is radio gold whereas Howard really can't be bothered with Fratto. Therefore Fratto stepped in and created the jsfc and props ETM in front a webcam 24/7 and advertises his business on the website and on The Stern Show.

Well since the news and documents leaked about the whole thing being a frame job Fratto had to step up his game and get Eric and Kendra together pronto in order to try to quell the rumors. They want us to think that this girl with a soft core porn website is really dating a 3 foot midget. Talk about suspending ones disbelief.

Anyway it is obvious the whole relationship is a sham, but Fratto flew Eric and Kendra out to LA and put them on cam from his house for the world to see.... The pics are too priceless to pass up, so enjoy!


Anonymous said...

so facade =P

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