Worcester Weather Update

The snow stopped coming down at about 11:30. From looking out the window the total appears to be in the neighborhood of 8 inches. I know the Worcester DPW took some grief earlier this week for taking no action regarding the icy road conditions, but by 11:56 this evening there was a Caterpillar coming on down the street. He made 2 passes each way (a total of 4) and from what I can tell from here looking out my massive windows it seems he did a decent job.

I'm sure there will be plenty of side streets and semi major thoroughfares that don't get as plowed out as they should.... We will see what the morning brings.

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Jeff Barnard said...

The DPW did a good job on this storm. They were adequately forewarned, and it's definitely a *big bucks* storm for the independant contractors so everybody gets their street plowed four or five times.