Inspired by David Horvitz.... Send me to Red Sox Opening Day In Japan

Earlier this week Tony Pierce linked to a blog from a guy by the name of David Horvitz. David has a pretty cool concept of selling a combination of life, art, photography and emotion.

Some of the experiences on his website include:

If you give me $3,143 I will for as far away as possible. I live in New York. I will go to Perth, Australia the farthest distance from New York on Earth. I will mail you a photograph of me standing in New York. I will then mail you a photograph of me standing in Perth. I'm a little sad right now and I would kind of like to escape, so if you are thinking about getting one of these and not sure what you want, please take in consideration my emotions and pick this one.


If you give me $2,443 I will rent a car in Iceland and find you three things. I will find you a lava rock and send it to you. I will find the Aurora Borealis for you and send you a photograph of it. I will find you the best hot spring, and I will sit in it for you. I will send you a photograph of me sitting in it. I will mail these from there. (I will still also try to drive around the entire island)

Well I guess David's website gave me an idea....

Today while listening to WEEI at work today I heard the commercial for the Red Sox Destinations trip to Japan for Opening Day. So if David Horvitz can do it why can't I? Is there someone out there that wants to send me to Opening Day in Japan? I promise 24/7 blog coverage while fighting severe jet lag and culture shock. It could be fun.... And worth the $6,500 to someone!!

Therefore I propose:

For $6,000 I will take the Red Sox Destinations charter to Japan. I will attend all the games that the Red Sox play in Japan including the exhibition against the Yomiuri Giants as well as the two games against the Oakland A's. I will blog about the games and my Japanese experience throughout my trip and take tons of photos. I will send you a postcard and write you a letter on the hotel stationary and mail it to you from Japan. I will get a Red Sox player to autograph a baseball and mail it to you. You will receive a care package upon my return as well containing assorted items from my trip.

This would be a great experience for me as a Red Sox fan and a blogger and could turn into quite a crazy story.

Someone cowboy up and send $6,500 via Paypal to djequipment@hotmail.com and we can get this endeavor started. I've got my passport in hand as well as the vacation time!

David Horvitz
Red Sox Destinations
Tony Pierce


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