Best Month Ever

The sitemeter for this blog is looking a bit like the AT&T Wireless "More Bars In More Places" advertising campaign. Visits and page views have been steadily rising each month pretty much all year with a nice amount of upward movement since the summer.

This blog is just a mere speck of dust in the blogosphere as a whole, but I want to thank all other Worcester, MA bloggers for their links and comments and visits to this site without ever even meeting me in person. You know who you are. February of 2008 was the biggest month of traffic for this blog ever in its 3 years of existence. I just noticed that I started the blog in February of 2005, I didn't even realize that last month was my 3 year blogoversary. When I started I never thought I would have hung in there for three years and would still be hitting the keys. But this blog is certainly a nice diversion to have from real life and can be an effective sounding board to get some issues off your chest and shine a light on some issues and circumstances that deserve to have some light shone upon them.

Crystal and I were both excited to be mentioned as "the most prolific blogging couple in town" in the recent "blogs we love" post on Daily Worcesteria. But we are still playing in the minors like the Worcester Sharks compared to Raymi and Phil from Toronto who are the most prolific blogging couple out there on the internet in my opinion.

Daily Worcesteria Blogs We Love II
Raymi The Minx


Pink Granite said...

Happy Blogiversary!
- Lee

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