Out Of Sorts....

I had to put my 3+ year old Compaq Presario laptop out to pasture as of yesterday.

Let it be known that this is my first post coming at you from a new HP dv6736nr laptop that I picked up at Best Buy on the way home. This is my first venture into the world of Vista, so I don't know what I will come up against in the coming weeks. I've just spent a bit of time downloading some essential programs like Azureus for bit torrent downloads, getting Firefox installed and getting some passwords in order.

The Compaq won't hold a charge and is super temperamental when running off AC power. It will be a chore in the coming weeks to pull everything off the old laptop as I almost have to hold the nub into the laptop at times to get some power.

Waaaa... I bought a new laptop and I'm complaining about it.... Feel free to slap me.

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