Salvatore Rivieri is the asshole of the week

There is nothing worse than a cop being on a power trip and abusing his authoriti.

What a tough guy taking down a too young to drive emo skateboarder. I heard the audio on my drive home today listening to Bubba The Love Sponge. Putting the visual to the audio makes his actions all the more heinous.

I just wanted to be another website that states that Salvatore Rivieri is an asshole who should be fired from the Baltimore PD. I just want to be sure that when his name is googled for all of posterity his actions on this day will be seen.

There is plenty of real crime in Baltimore, go into the areas that are depicted in the HBO series The Wire and start flexing your muscles Mr. Rivieri.


Gabe said...

This was in the Inner Harbor I just read. More than likely the dude is used to policing somewhere else in the city and has to have that attitude elsewhere. Not saying it's an excuse.

There is a scene in the new season of the Wire where they trace a suspect of a very heinous crime to a cell phone in the Inner Harbor and police show up and start going apeshit on people. If that were to ever happen in real life at the Inner Harbor all hell would break loose.

Pink Granite said...

Apparently he's been suspended with pay, while the BPD conducts an internal investigation.

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