Chris Rock "No Apologies Tour" Mohegan Sun Arena 3/15/08

So Crystal and I met up with my parents last night at Mohegan Sun to see Chris Rock. This all goes back to not having anything lined up to get my parents for Christmas. At this point they don't really need "things", and I was drawing a blank. Luckily they are both big fans of stand up comedy and I figured there was nothing better than buying them an "experience" for Christmas rather than a "thing". So when they opened their tickets for Christmas I told them that there was one small catch.... Crystal and I would be sitting beside them.

So we all met up last night for dinner and then went our separate ways as we had a little time to kill before the show. The sold out crowd was quite a diverse group of young and old and black and white. Comedy cuts across ethnic lines and age groups, if its funny, its funny. You had white guys in the mid 20's dressed up in their thug gear sitting next to ladies who were all dolled up in short dresses and open toed shoes.

The show started shortly after 8pm with Mario Joyner who put together a strong 20 minute opening act that touched and traveling, dating and being America's only single 46 year old black man without any kids. Once Mario Joyner ended they didn't waste any time at all as the strains of Little Wayne's "Duffle Bag Boy" started pumping through the speakers Chris Rock made his entrance looking glam in an electric blue green suit. He danced around the stage a bit acknowledging all corners of the arena before getting on a roll of 90 minutes rapid fire comedy. Not once in the entire set did he even stop for a drink of water.

Rock's material was as sharp as ever as he providing insights on topics ranging from celebrities, cell phone ring tones and America's obsession with credit cards. He spent a good portion of time ripping apart George Bush as well as all the presidential candidates, including Barack Obama who Rock is supporting.

"Why would Hillary want to work in the same office that her husband was getting his dick sucked in?"

"If the government WANTED you to vote, they wouldn't hold the election on a Tuesday.....In November!" "Have you ever been to a good party on a Tuesday?"

Rock then spent the last portion of the show breaking down sex and relationships and the differences between men and women in hilarious fashion. It was a totally funny set and a cool way to celebrate Christmas in March.


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