Shepard Fairey Exhibition coming to the Boston ICA!!!

This made my day!

I surfed on over to the ICA website while at work today to see if anything interesting was coming down the pipe for spring. First I saw that there is a new exhibit called "Street Level" that just opened on March 19th that draws from graffiti and street art featuring artists Mark Bradford (Los Angeles), William Cordova (Lima, Miami, New York) and Robin Rhode (Cape Town, Johannesburg, Berlin). The slideshow and some of the imagery for that exhibit looked promising and worth a visit.

But then I clicked on over to the "upcoming exhibitions" page and was delighted in what I saw!! A Shepard Fairey exhibition running at the ICA from July 30th thru October 26th! Talk about awesome!!! It will be very cool to see what types of pieces are brought out from the vault for this exhibit!

Any Boston or Providence gallery shows as a tie in?? That would be sweet. The end of July is a long way off, but this gives me something to look forward to that should be very cool.

ICA Upcoming Exhibitions
Obey Giant

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