Hanover Theatre Dinner & A Show Program

Worcester's Hanover Theatre has unveiled the early incarnation of their "dinner and a show" program. I am happy to see that The Hanover Theatre and many local restaurants are exploring synergies since the downtown proper area faces a dearth of dining opportunities at the present time.

It seems that the "dinner and a show" program is only open to Hanover Theatre members at this time, but with memberships starting as low as $35.00 and some pretty good deals with the restaurants the $35.00 membership fee could be recouped pretty quickly and the membership goes to a the theatre and is a small investment to make in the downtown community and the city as a whole.

The participating restaurants include:

Block 5
86 Winter
George's Cony Island
Harlequin Restaurant
Maxwell Silverman's
One Eleven Chop House
Seven Hills
The Sole
Z Cafe

Member benefits include free shuttle, free deserts, percentage off your bill and points towards free food. Not a bad deal at all.

Crystal and I have our final evening of training tonight at the Hanover and will finally find out if we get to work the opening night, as well as our schedule for the first couple months!

Hanover Theatre Dinner & A Show


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