Go Swimming

Recovering from the weekend rains.

We braved the elements on Saturday and went to the Wrentham Outlets. I was able to score 6 pairs of Adidas to flip on ebay. The Outlets were pretty busy people wise, but it didn't seem that people were spending as much as I have seen in the past. Shorter lines, not as many bags in hand. No doubt plenty of that has to do with the economy rather than the fact that it was raining.

There certainly were deals to be had, but I didn't spend much for money on myself. I picked up 2 Mark Ecko Cut & Sew pieces for $9.99 each, a hoodie and a long sleeve thermal as well as two Reebok t shirts that cost a total of $11.00 for the two. Tshirts are my weakness. I have enough on hand to wear for two months straight without washing them, but sometimes I can't help myself.

On Sunday the owners here at University Park Lofts took it upon ourselves to clean the common areas since the cleaning people stopped coming since they were no longer being paid by the condo association\ HE&PG Realty LLC\ Brett Levy.

We mopped and swept the halls, the elevator and such before tackling the daunting task of the underground parking which was filled with water averaging .75 of an inch throughout. A few of us spent a good portion of the afternoon down there sucking up water in two wet dry vacs and using a squeegee as well. After that task I celebrated daylight savings time by snapping some pictures in the neighborhood.

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