Hanover Theatre Sneak Peek Pictures

So I got a sneak peek of The Hanover Theatre this evening during volunteer training and orientation. I brought the camera along and the pictures you see above don't do the place justice.

There seems to be plenty of work yet to be done, especially in the new facade portion of the building. The new portion of the lobby blends well and merges into the old and the theatre portion itself has been brought back to its heyday of the 1920's. There doesn't seem to be a bad seat in the house. I checked out a few views from the floor as well as a balcony seat and all the sightlines looked great and a fair amount of legroom especially down below.

One more training session next Wednesday before the Grand Opening on the 14th of March. Next week we should find out what shows we have been scheduled to work.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics! I've been so excited to see the inside!

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