NCAA Hockey North East Regionals In Worcester 3/29-3/30/08

Worcester and the DCU center host the North East regionals of the 2008 NCAA Hockey Championships next weekend. Two games will be played back to back on Saturday with the winning teams facing off on Sunday. The winner of the regional will advance to the Frozen Four Championship in Denver, CO.

It is very well possible that both the University of New Hampshire and Boston College could be playing in the Worcester bracket. I just watched these two teams battle into triple overtime in the Hockey East semi finals tonight with BC coming up with the victory early in the 3rd OT. Watching the way this game was played this evening the potential thought of these two teams meeting again in Worcester next weekend would make for one hell of a match up.

I believe the brackets are announced later tomorrow evening. If the teams that are coming to town look strong and the match ups look interesting and compelling I could certainly wind up sauntering down to the DCU Center to take in these 3 games....

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