Red Sox Opening Day!

So Red Sox Opening Day is a holiday of sorts here in the 4rilla-verse.

I took the day off once the opening day date was announced that way I could ring in the opener with a big mug of coffee rather than refreshing the yahoo box score if I was at work. As you can see from the picture above I think the cats were just as excited about baseball season as I am!!

Some Worcester drinking establishments were going to open prior to 6am this morning with breakfast buffets to celebrate opening day and the kick off to the Red Sox World Series title defense, however the Worcester Police Department decided to be a wet blanket and stated that they will not allow any liquor establishments open prior to the 8am standard opening time for drinking establishments.

Bars would not even be serving liquor prior to 8am but in true killjoy spirit the Worcester Police Department feels they are keeping the city safe by stopping some early morning commerce. What a farce.

The Sox came from behind to tie up the game in the 9th and force extra innings before Manny Ramirez knocks in the eventual game winner in the top of the 10th!

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