University Park Loft Rentals

I'll sum it up in 3 words to any potential renters at The University Park Lofts here in Worcester.


Don't believe anything the developer or rental agent tells you. The developer HE&PG LLC has filed bankruptcy. The man behind the LLC Brett Levy is a liar and a slimeball and in my opinion singlehandedly destroyed this building.

Strata Bank is in the process of trying to auction off the unsold units but Brett Levy filed bankruptcy in order to stop the auction and buy some time. There is a Bankruptcy hearing next week on April 11th which may determine if the bank can proceed with the auction. Or things might be drawn out for a few more months. If the bank gets their wish an auction will be held to sell the unsold units, if this happens AFTER you move in the bank will begin eviction proceedings on all renter who are tenants of HE&PG LLC and Brett Levy.

Do not believe anything Brett Levy or Keller Williams tells you. At this point they are promising renters the moon and the stars in order to develop a deep renters list that they can show the bankruptcy judge.

Do you want to move into a building that is run by a corrupt and bankrupt entity? A condo association with no money? I don't think so. Don't follow in my footsteps!!

Hopefully in a couple months the cancer that is Brett Levy and HE&PG will be removed from this building and people can buy a unit at auction for cheap money. At that point this building can begin to grow once and thrive once the poison and lies of HE&PG are put out to pasture.

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