Another Member Of The Wack Pack Passes Away

Breaking news was reported during the Howard Stern show today when Steve Langford announced that he had just been informed that founding member of the Wack Pack Kenneth Keith Kallenbach passed away due to complications due to pneumonia while in police custody for a parole violation and attempted child abduction.

The Wack Pack lost a true star when Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf passed away, but the death of Kallenbach was cause for Stern and his fans to reminisce today about the man whose biggest claim to fame was the ability to sometimes be able to blow cigarette smoke out of his eyelids.

Kenneth Keith dies and Beetlejuice and Eric The Midget survive. Let's fire up the Howard Stern death pool.

Blue Iris
Eric The Midget
High Pitch Eric
Fred The Elephant Boy
Jeff The Drunk
Jeff The Vomit Guy
Double A

Any of these freaks could take their last breath at any time and each one seems to have more genes missing then the one before.

RIP Kenneth Keith Kallenbach. You're no wacko!!

The picture above is Kenneth Keith and I at Howard Stern's last day at KROCK.

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