Solar Transmittance, Reflectance And Absorbtance

Those are some of the fun factors that we have been mulling over for the past week or so along with price, privacy, insulation properties and durability regarding the purchase of proper window coverings before the weather really heats up.

We survived the last half of the summer of 2007 by running the air conditioner for two months straight in July and August. We certainly were not going to do the same this year and it was the perfect time to invest in some solar shades for our two walls of windows. We bucked the trend of everyone else here in the building and chose Phifer Sheerweave Solar Shades rather then the honeycomb or cellular blinds that other owners have bought so far. Crystal and I are in the only corner unit that is occupied and the temps have already been hitting 80 degrees in here with the windows open and a breeze swirling. We have been conscious to bare with a couple degrees warmer here inside though and let the unit cool off naturally throughout the evening rather than cranking the ac to cool it down 4 degrees or so. That should make for a nice smallish bill for April and we should have the shades installed sometime in early May.

These shades should do a superb job of reflecting the solar right back out without totally destroying our view. Crystal and I both like the simple clean look of them over the cellular blinds which can begin to look ragged rather quickly. Especially with two cats on the premises. Hopefully once they are up they will do exactly what we expected and we won't be disappointed.

*The picture is a representation of the model of shade, size of our windows and amount of visibility these shades allow.*


Pink Granite said...

These shades look beautiful.
I didn't know something so effective at repelling solar gain could allow such good visibility.
- Lee

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