Blogs Love Food Pics

Getting up at my normal 5:55 wake up time and having the day off makes me crave a job closer to home all the more. I look up at the clock and see it is only 8:40 I can't imagine having a leisurely morning routine of waking up with the sun, making some coffee to have at home along with a little breakfast and websurfing and a bit of time to get your wits about you before heading out the door.

For the longest time I have had quite a commute to work and usually spend 25 minutes or so getting ready in the am before I have to leave. Having a bit more time in the moring to laze about or get shit done would be such a welcome change.

And because bloggers like to take pictures of food and I had some train graffiti pics on my camera to upload I took a pic of this mornings english muffin and sausage breakfast!

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