Artie Lange Is Still On The Stern Show

So even though I have the day off today I had the alarm set for 5:53 just like usual so I could turn on the Sirius internet stream at 6am to see what happened with Artie and the Stern Show. The show is back from vacation and this morning we will find out if Artie is still with the show.

Much to my surprise Artie is in fact in the studio and will still be with the show. Howard teased the audience for a few minutes taking phone calls before announcing that Artie was in studio and still with the show.

Below are some snippets from the statement that Artie made at the top of the show:

"I'm sorry, very very very sorry. It's all my fault.... This week I have been overwhelmed by how nice people treated me....Ii got calls from everyone on the staff, I really feel as if I am part of a family....I apologize to the fans....I fucked up in a major way...The show is the most important thing in my life and is probably the only thing keeping me alive. Teddy is a good kid, he is not a thief or stealing money from me, it's just something I said in the moment...More emotion then I have ever felt in my life...From the time I hugged you and went down to the elevator I was in an emotional blackout...This is teh greatest reality show out there... Now that time as passed absolutely you have my permission to play it both on tv and radio... The fans are like my extended family. People are paying for a service I don't want them to think, well shit they are editing stuff... I want you to air it and have people see it.

Artie has spoken with Teddy on the phone and basically said that he did nothing wrong and wants them to both put everything behind them. Told Teddy not to quit his job at Sirius over this...

Howard's thoughts on canceling the replay:

I wanted to do the right thing in this situation...Part of me thinks I should follow this guys, I didn't know if he was going to kill someone or somebody...God forbid if we replay this and it drives him nuts that this all happens. I was generally concerned for you....I thought the audience would understand... I quickly told Tim I don't want to replay this... I did not want Artie to be further distressed. I was afraid you might hurt yourself.


I saw Teddy and made contact when we were getting on the plane, it was too soon to make conversation... I got to Amsterdam and pulled up to my hotel and two American guys tell me "You fucked up this morning, man." I didn't see Teddy the whole trip. I just stayed to myself....It's such a beautiful city. I didn't do any of the "H's" I love heroin or hookers. These whores are in little lockers....Some of them were old, like Gramdmothers with tits hanging to their knees. I walked around the red light district but did not partake in anything.... I smoked a joint, it was fantastic weed I guess, I took three puffs and I was beautiful. The capital of the wold for pancakes, they are big and light and fluffy...There is a big Dutch woman making them for you, so full of butter. After smoking weed like that and then walking it off and eating some pancakes is fantastic. Syrup was dripping and I was so happy.

Hopefully now that Artie is back he will realize how truly important the show is in his life and to his career and in turn will focus on the show a bit more. A little less sleeping and sugar coma and a little more funny. Riley Martin also just called in and announced he has signed a 6 month contract extension.

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