Lookout Major Taylor!!!

Spring fever was in full effect on Saturday morning, with the sun shining in thru our large and lovely windows and temperatures in the 70's we headed down to Barney's Bike Shop on Chandler St. and ended up picking up a pair of his & hers Jamis Citizen bikes.

Funny I was just reading the Paulie's Point of View blog where he mentioned Barney's on Friday while I was at work and the fact that we should buy local. Since our budget isn't all that big we very well could have gone over to Dick's Sporting Goods and just bought something off the rack, but if we did that I am sure I would not have ended up with a bike that fits me as well. My bike at 23" is certainly the biggest I have ever had and will probably end up being the most comfortable.

I am happy to spend a bit more money to support a local business and know that they will be there at all times for tuneups, repairs and the like. Now between the bikes and the kayaks we should have our fair share of low dough outdoor entertainment to take us thru these spring and summer months.

Barney's Bike Shop
Paulie's Point of View
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