STOMP at The Hanover Theatre A 2 Sided Review

STOMP rolled its way into the Hanover Theatre in Worcester and put on 4 sold out performances. Crystal and I were able to catch 2 different shows, on Friday evening we attended the theater for the first time as patrons and today we volunteered at the matinée show.

For Friday night's show we had nice lower seats on the aisle 13 rows back from the stage. We showed up with just 10 minutes to spare before the show started since we are so familiar with the building at this point we just had to show up right before 9pm. The theater was packed with a Friday night crowd, a nice mix of folks,from seasoned theater goers and couples to kids who seemed to be on high school dates. Waiting for the show to start the one thing I noticed for the first time was how loud the din if the audience is while everyone is being seated. I had never really noticed it before while volunteering at an event. I guess I am so busy helping folks out and getting them seated that I am focused and don't really have a chance to hear the background noise. But as a patron who is waiting for the show to start it was really something I picked up on.

On to the show. What can I say except that both Saturday evening's show and Sunday's matinée were both 105 minutes of rhythmic pleasure. The cast seems really loose with each other and it was interesting to see the subtle nuances between the two shows depending on the vibe the cast members were feeling at the time. Also we watched Sunday's show from the balcony rather than the floor and having that higher viewpoint was a great way to follow up watching the show from the night before. I appreciated the performances from the set scaffolding much more by watching from the balcony.

The show mixes hard core rhythms that overpower your senses with minimal noises made from the smallest of objects in a way that creates a very nice ebb and flow to the whole sense of the show.

Great to see that STOMP was able to sell out all 4 shows and bring over 8,000 patrons to downtown Worcester this weekend. I hope everyone in attendance had a blast!


Unknown said...

I was there Sunday. I think I was in your area. Great show and real nice place. Funny though that the 111 Chop House doesn't open til 4 on a Sunday. Figured they'd open a little earlier for people coming through after the matinée.

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