Bicycle Alley Buffed The Java Hut Graffiti Wall

I went and got gas this morning at the Hess Station in Webster Square. Heading back home I noticed that Bicycle alley had gotten around to removing the Java Hut sign and it was sitting on the sidewalk. I pulled into the parking lot to jump out and take a quick picture, but what I saw turned my stomach.

Bicycle Alley decided it was in their best interest to buff the graffiti from the side of what used to be the Java Hut wall. On one hand I can see where they may think that graffiti on their parking lot wall doesn't fit their company image but come on. The murals were quality work and because of that 'hood rats from around the way left that wall alone. Within .2 of a mile in any direction from that parking lot you can see ugly and possibly "gang" or "uneducated hoodlum" type tags and throw ups that look ugly and detract from the area.

The pieces that were up on the side of Java Hut added art, and value and thoughtfulness to the wall, but these other tags right in Webster Square bring down the area where the previous art certainly lifted up the area. If even for a moment while they were sitting at a red light or riding the bus. I can bet you my bottom dollar that that freshly painted wall will be hit with some sort of worthless no talent tag by the 4th of July. Only then may the owners realize the power of street art.

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Complete idiots...city life sux without street art

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NOT US!!!!!!!!!!!!!SORRY."

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