End of Weekend Update

I thought it would be nice of me to catch up with the blog for a moment before bed. Just finishing up watching the Red Sox take 2 out of 3 from the Yankees. And that is always a good thing, whether the month is April or September. To continue on a Boston sports note it was very nice to see the Bruins win their playoff game this evening against Montreal to get them on the board in the series. Playoff hockey is played at a very intense and emotional level with hard and heavy hits and games that can change on a dime. The fact that the Bruins were able to win at home, break the Montreal jinx and get the crowd involved can hopefully be something that they can build on. It would be nice if they could advance beyond round one of the playoffs.

I had Friday off from work to attend the HE&PG LLC bankruptcy hearing, but I got word on Thursday afternoon that the hearing was postponed until April 22nd. Crystal and I spent a good portion of Friday in the car running down to Fall River in the late morning and then swinging by Wrenthem Outlets and Whole Foods by taking Rt. 24 to Rt. 495 home.

Saturday Crystal had a baby shower to go to and I spent a good 3 hours doing yardwork here at University Park Lofts. Since the developer is bankrupt and the condo association has ZERO cash we are looking to cut costs however we can. Four of us spent another 12 man hours out there this morning from 9 to noon and managed to get all the sand that was dumped in the parking lot over the winter scooped up and off the ground as well as taking care of all the raking down in the parking lot. Things certainly look better. Us owners aren't going to sit around and let Brett Levy act like a glorified slumlord while nothing gets done.

On Saturday evening I was a last minute volunteer at the Stephen Lynch comedy show at The Hanover Theatre. I thought I was getting old considering the fact that I had no previous knowledge of Stephen Lynch prior to this event and the fact that most of the audience were in their 20's. However after checking out his wiki page I see that he is sort of hooked up with the Opie & Anthony crew, so I understand why I knew nothing of him. I ended up working his merchandise table before and after the show, and the crowd pretty much bought up 90% of the stuff he had out there. I sold thru all the t-shirts I was given except for 3, all of one cd, about 90% of the second and about 20 art prints. It was cool to see a younger crowd at the Hanover, and I overheard quite a few conversations where even the younger folks were impressed with the classiness of the building. I was able to catch him do about half of his act and although there was quite a bit of heckling from the audience and Lynch may have lost some of the crowd when he tries to just do straight "comedy" some of the songs were pretty darn funny.


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