Electric Windows- Beacon, NY 5/17-5/18

Cross your fingers for nice weather next Saturday. There is a street art throwdown in Beacon, NY and if the weather seems favorable I think Crystal and I will be heading on a road trip. I think the day will be well worth the 3 hour drive each way and $40.00 (eek) in gas.

Electric Windows will be a street art installation in an abandoned electric blanket factory. The building currently has 24 empty window bays that measure roughly 8'x12' and 24 street artists will be on hand over the weekend to create a piece to fill one window. The completed project will stay in place for 12 months. One of the funniest aspects of this project is how similar in style the building is to The University Park Lofts here in Worcester which doubles as 4rilla Worldwide HQ.

And the artist lineup is top notch, including:

Rene Gagnon
Ron English
Michael DeFeo
Elbow Toe
+ 20 more

A gallery show accompanies the installation along with bands and dj's all day as well as an afterhours party at a BBQ joint! Other events in Beacon NY on the same weekend include open studios at both Beacon Studios and Spire Studios and launch of Habitat for Artists.

This sounds like the perfect recipe for a road trip!!!

Check out the links below:

Electric Windows
Beacon Studios
Spire Studios
Habitat For Artists

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