Blinds Are Installed!!

Wow! We have been living here for about 10 months without any sort of blinds or window coverings installed. And when you live in a corner unit that has two walls of windows that start at 3.5 feet and go up to 12 feet that is a whole lot of glass and view that we are used to. But more importantly it is a whole lot of HEAT coming in here in the summer. Last year we ran the AC for 2 and a half months straight in an attempt to keep the heat at bay. Not to mention bright sun at 5:30 am and blinding setting sun in the late evenings.

Well those days are gone as the Phifer Sheerweave solar shades are installed and this place looks great. Crystal and I are both happy with our choice of the Sheerweave as opposed to the honeycomb shades that most other folks have. These shades block the heat but still allow you to see the outside in both color and silhouette. The fact that I can still see decaying factories and smokestacks and trees while blocking the heat and sun glare means that you do not lose the view and expanses of blue sky I can see while sitting on the couch.

The shades also add a whole new dimension to the space and really make the unit look polished. Photos to come tomorrow.


Pink Granite said...

Looking forward to the photos.
- Lee

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