George Carlin Hanover Theatre 5/1/08

Crystal and I made sure that we were volunteering on Thursday night for George Carlin at The Hanover Theatre. Volunteer nights there are especially kick ass when it is a show or artist that you are interested in and of course George Carlin would be on that list.
Plus when you are working a show that is sold out there is going to always be something unexpected that happens or some sort of seating glitch that you will have to sort out. The audience on Thursday straggled in a bit late or stayed in the lobby for a second drink before looking for their seats and it was the first time I really had to use a flashlight and seat people in the dark. And if you count the rows wrong or people are in their seats or off by a seat it can create quite a commotion. Not that I did that or anything. But once intermission rolled around after the opener and everyone found their way back to their seats Crystal and I had a great vantage point in which to watch Carlin.

He put on a strong hour long set that is much social commentary than comedy, but that is the charm of George Carlin at age 70. He isn't afraid to mock death, god or the lack thereof, the government and the sheep like quality of the average American. There were plenty of zingers mixed in with the type of talk that you would not have in polite company along with his own straight shooting outlook on things. It was a great chance to see one of the country's greatest comics work his craft from an up close vantage point.

In two weeks we will be working a jesus Christ Superstar show along with a BB King concert.

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