No Slogan Day Hits Worcester Thursday May 29th

Last week the two titans of the Worcester blogosphere, Worcesterite and Daily Worcesteria put out a call. A day where we can be free from contrived slogans that attempt to sum up and promote Worcester and Central Massachusetts thru a variety poorly crafted catchphrases put together by some subcommittee or group or weak PR firm.

There are two Massachusetts slogans that stick in my mind over the years. I remember the "Making It In Massachusetts" campaign which was sometime in the mid 80's and had a big "thumbs up" drawing to the left of the slogan.

But the motto or slogan that has made me scratch my head all my life is the city motto of my hometown of Fall River, MA. The city motto is "We'll Try"... Crazy right? The city police cars actually sport the big city seal on the door along with the words "We'll Try". Well I would hope the fuck so that you will "try". Nothing like aiming high.

The auction for the unsold units here in our building is set to take place tomorrow as well. I've got the day of and will be here to check out the proceedings. After that drama Crystal and I hope to head to The Dive to hoist a fresh brew in honor of The Day Without Slogans.

Daily Worcesteria
Wormtown Taxi

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Claudia Snell said...

LOL @ "We'll try" - that's really funny.

I wanted to come out to the "no slogan" day but couldn't :-(

I'll be out at stART in the Park though. Can't wait!