Puma Corporate Tent Sale Westford, MA

Each and every year the Puma Tent sale seems to spiral into more and more madness. I took the day off from work today and arrived in Westford right at 10am which is when the Puma Tent Sale is supposed to start.

At 10am cars were already double and triple parked on Lyberty Way and cars were already parking on the main road right there. By the time I hit the tents it was total mayhem. The shoe area was demolished and was a sea of empty boxes. There were no Puma bags to be had and all the area of clothes were turned upside down and inside out. Looking at the crowd I felt like I was at a open air market in Port Au Prince, Haiti with a hurricane bearing down on us.

Many of the people there come in groups of 10 or 20 and just grab everything they can and throw them in a pile and then have other people in their crew guard their stash. I was iniside by 10:05 and there were so many people and stuff was so picked over it was ridiculous.

After picking thru boxes for an hour or so all I could come up with was 3 pairs of shoes (golf cleats and womans boots) a couple hats and a couple babydoll dresses for ebay purposes. The line was a mile long and probably would have taken me over an hour to reach a register, so I just abandoned the whole scene and headed back home.

I had hopes of scoring some great stuff for ebay purposes, but this was pretty much a failed mission.

The Puma tent sale continues Saturday and Sunday from 10-5 at Puma Corporate HQ in Westford MA.


Anonymous said...

I know how it was Friday. I was there on Friday thinking it wasnt going to be so many people (yeah ok!) Like you said they were group of people of 10-20 and grabbed everything (obviously to sale @ their stores). I do understand you want to sale but come on people this sale is intended for everyone (not onyl business). We all wanted a piece of it as well. I couldnt get much the bags they were all gone, I saw just one group that had all of them (not mentioning people). Couple of my relatives went Saturday morning it was worst they were even fights, Puma decided to close it early and they mention they are not opening next year for everyone. People are going to go with invitations. Which I think is the best thing they could do.

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