Artie Lange's Too Fat To Fish Amazon Presale

Photoshop by Funt of SFN

So on the Stern Show yesterday Lisa G announced that Artie's book is available for presale on Amazon.com. The book does not even come out until November, but the presale has begun.

When they announced this today the book stood at # 6,118 on Amazon's list. As of yesterday evening the book was #98 on the sales rank list. I just gave another look and the book sits at #37.But that's right, they want you to believe nobody listens to satellite radio.

And I know many out their say that fans of the Stern show are stupid, so I guess that explains why people are clicking their mouse to order the ghost written diary of the train wreck that is Artie Lange. Plus you know that Artie will be whoring himself out with plenty of book signings, so in my opinion it would be more fun to cop a bag of dope and a fifth of Jack Daniels and go stand in line to get my book signed at Newbury Comics or something rather than order on Amazon.

Seems like the Stern Fans are already in full effect adding all sorts of tags to Artie's book page. I can imagine what that page will look like by the time the book actually drops.

Some of the best "tags" at this point include:

fat, bloated, bank robber, bigot, junkie, morbid obesity, cuddly muffin, fiyah, grandma caprio, hello dum-dum, ossified drunk and many more.

Too Fat To Fish Presale
Artie Lange Story


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