Girl Talk- Feed The Animals

Worcester, I suggest you download this -ish now!!

I don't care if you don't know a mashup from a mashed potato, but Girl Talk knocked out out of the park with his pay what you like release that just dropped yesterday.

The album is available at 3 price points $0.00 to $4.99, $5.00-$9.99 where you can get the tracks as mp3 or FLAC and can chose a mix rather than individual tracks, or $10.00+ in which you will receive a physical cd in the mail as well as the download.

I suggest everybody download this now. Girl Talk shows why he is a heavyweight in the mashup game with this mix. I'm listening to it right now for the 3rd time today. The frantic pace of his sampling and keen ear thar covers everything from the latest hip hop to album cuts from 20 years ago and some deep crate diggers make this a must have.

Even if you don't flow him any cash you can not go wrong with this mix in my opinion.

Girl Talk Feed The Animals

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