Party Like it's 1986!!

I have vague memories of the great Celtics of the 80's. The Championships of those years and the battles with LA. I picture myself 12 years old, pedaling my ass off to Cumberland Farms for candy during halftime of an 86 Sunday afternoon Finals game.

This younger generation doesn't get to experience playoff basketball on Sunday afternoon anymore, but I hope they all stayed awake to see the Celtics show no mercy and put their Reeboks to the necks of the Purple and Gold until the final buzzer.

I will gloat like a Boston sports fan can for a minute, and say all these Championships are different. Nothing will ever match the sheer exhale, validation or emotion of the 2004 Red Sox or the Patriots improbable victory over the Rams in the Super Bowl.

But growing up in the 80's you had the Celtics, and I played hockey and the Bruins had some decent teams to get excited about. In those days other than the 86 World Series and the Bears Super Bowl loss the Red Sox and Patriots were not the priority on the Boston sports landscape. It was all about the green and white in those days.

So I will go to bed with a smile after watching the C's send the Lakers and Phil Jackson back home to Cali without any hardware and more ill will for our city and New England as a whole.

Hollywood, How you like them apples?

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