Obey Giant = Shut Out!!!

Woke up this morning to word that Obey Giant would be dropping the above print at a random time today. The print is titled Duality of Humanity II and is the first in a series of prints using American photojournalist Al Rockoff's photos as the source.

I missed out on last week's print which was one of the strongest images of the year so far, so I really wanted a chance to pick up this week's print. I asked Crystal if we could rearrange our plans for the day which included some kayaking in order to hang out and do things around the house in order to wait for the print to drop. The hope was that we could score one each, one for my collection and one that Crystal could score and sell on ebay for and have a few hundred bucks of profit to pay off some bills with. The print that came out last week dropped at 1PM EST, so we hoped that we wouldn't be spending all day hitting F5 on the keyboard.

We got a bunch of stuff done around the house, vac'd and washed the floors, cleaned the bathroom and rearranged a bit of furniture, still no print. Put the new DVD "21" into the player and watched that while refreshing every 5 minutes, still no print. Ran to Price Chopper super quick to bring back "21" and pick up "Step Up 2" and some ice cream and watch a couple innings of the Red Sox. Still nothing. Watched about 90% of Step Up 2 and right at 8PM, about 12 hours after I first checked the Obey website this morning the print was available.

The next hour and a half was filled with the usual Obey web frustrations, magnified by 2 since we were both trying for the print. Product pages that wouldn't load, connections that would time out, checkout links that would not work and failed Paypal connections. After about an hour and 20 minutes all 450 prints were sold and we were shut out and left with nothing.

Thank goodness Crystal takes it all so well as I know there are plenty of ladies out there who would not help or stand for there boyfriend spending a good portion of the day dedicating their time to get something that they consider to be nothing more than a glorified "poster".

On the bright side my Ron English Abraham Obama screenprint did show up this week and it looks super sweet in person. The detail is unreal, so all was not lost in the week of art.


Anonymous said...

Dude, it's one per household, not one per person. If OG catches you-- even though it may be two different paypal accounts-- you'll get blacklisted. Better luck next time, but give some thought to what I'm telling 'ya.

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