Cheech and Chong Light Up America

It seems like August is shaping up to be stoner month. We have the pot comedy Pineapple Express hitting theaters on August 6th and tickets for the Cheech and Chong Light Up America Tour go on sale 2 days later at 4:20pm.

It is a shame that this reunion took so long to happen, as Tommy Chong is now 70 and Cheech is 63. If these two guys could have put their grudges behind them 10 years previous this show could have a better chance of living up to the hype that a reunion of this type will bring. Although I did see George Carlin a few short months before his passing and he was still bringing his A game to the stage each and every night. Even though Cheech and Chong began as stand up comics to say they will be rusty is an understatement, but it would be interesting to see what type of show they put on.

I watched all Cheech and Chong movies growing up like when I was in middle school and whatnot. I know my parents were not uptight about shielding me from "pot humor" and I thought that all those movies were hilarious when I was growing up, even if I was only getting half of the jokes. Heck, I even like The Corsican Brothers so I must be a fan.

Cheech and Chong invade The Orpheum Theatre in Boston, MA on 12/12/08.

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