Welcome To The Bay State!

Once the Howard Stern show end The Wrap Up Show ended yesterday I switched off Sirius and tuned to WEEI to watch the Manny Ramirez trading deadline drama unfold. It was my opinion yesterday and still is as I type this that Manny had to be dealt in order to restore order in the clubhouse and get the Sox back on track for the stretch run.

I am smart enough to know that Manny helped bring two World Series championships to Boston and he will be remembered fondly for that along with his smooth swing and clutch performances. However we won't forget him begging out of big games, questionable injuries and random cases of pharyngitis. The team had to deal Manny by the deadline, he was too much of distraction and they way the team came out of the All Star break is was clear that the clubhouse had to be purged of Ramirez.

Do I wish the Sox could have gotten a little more in the deal or made another move for a reliever? Yes. Do I think Bay can come in and put up Manny-esque numbers for the rest of the year? Yes. Do I think this move can be the kick in the ass that the Sox need? Certainly. Will Manny go to LA and rake the ball going into a contract year? Without a doubt.

But the big question is will the Sox get into the post season? My answer to that question is the same today as it was at the beginning of the season, and that's another yes.

Regarding tonight's game- You have to love the reception that Red Sox Nation gave Bay. A lengthy standing ovation before his first at bat and Bay responds by going 1 for 3 with a walk and a HBP. But more importantly he scores both of the Sox runs and hits a 2 out triple in the bottom of the 12th and gets knocked home to win it.

And on ESPN I see Manny out west wearing number 99 with a whole lot of left field to cover in Chavez Ravine.

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