Obama Flyers For McCain and the RNC

I voted in the Democratic Primary, which here in Massachusetts would mean I am registered as a Democrat. For whatever reason arriving in the mail on Saturday was some sort of "Republican Census" document from the Republican National Committee and an emergency funding appeal from the John McCain campaign.

I have been known to send credit card companies random slips of paper and coupons from the newspaper back to them in their postage paid envelopes. I of course saw that the RNC and McCain envelopes were postage paid, and I knew that I had some printouts of the ObeyGiant Obama Progress pasters hanging around, so I grabbed some of the Obama prints and stuffed them into the RNC and McCain envelopes.

I'm sure they will be pleased to open the postage paid envelopes looking for checks and have Barack staring back at them.

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FreeArtWorcester said...

We do the same thing with unsolicited credit card offers we receive!

The ObeyGiant Obama Progress flyers are great idea to send back to the RNC!