Artie Lange Relapse???

Well The Stern Show is on vacation this week, but this morning Howard 100 News reported that Artie Lange was a no show in LA over the weekend for the Bob Saget roast.

This evening Bob Levy's wife has posted on Stern Fan Network that Artie has canceled his gigs for this upcoming weekend, which would be a gig for Levy in PA and a weekend gig at the new MGM Grand at Foxwoods in CT.

Either he is holed up at the shore house with Spitzer's hooker Ashley Dupre, or he is back on the shit. If he is abusing heroin and other drugs again at least he seems to be taking steps to get some help..... Let's see what the announcement is tomorrow.


duncan said...

SFN threads keep getting pulled on the subject. I think there is something going on. I hope the show happens, I have tickets for Saturday.

4rilla said...

Sucks that you had plans to attend... But if he is back on the shit, it probably wouldn't have been a good show anyway.

Think of all the new material that rehab will give him!