Artie Rehab Confirmed....

After a Howard 100 news not really clarifying things today in their updates Artie's publicist has confirmed that Artie has in fact checked himself into an "outpatient rehab facility".

If you listen to Stern and know Artie I think it is safe to assume that outpatient rehab won't cure Artie's demons. The story does take another minor twist as I did see it mentioned on SFN and the Perez Hilton comments that Artie was seen in Vegas this weekend with Dana. Could it be that Dana and Artie went to Vegas and got hitched over vacation and she mandated that he enter a treatment program to clean up his act?? We know that she has help rehab over his head in the past. That would be a twist to this story that would make things really interesting to say the least.

Regardless tune in at 6am Monday for the details.

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shabooty said...

that whole dana thing seems crazy.
i dont think all of that's going on.