Girl's Night Out The Musical-- A Mini Review

Guys, ever wonder what women do when we aren't around? Well last night I may have got as close as possible without hiding in a closet and looking thru a keyhole.

I ushered at the Girls Night Out- The Musical performance at The Hanover Theatre. Friday nights show sold 1,400 tickets and no word of a lie there were no more than 15 men in the whole audience, and a few of them were gay. So the crowd was 99% female and 1% male, I don't know where else you can run into numbers like that. And besides the paid audience there were maybe 8 or so male ushers in attendance, so we were certainly outnumbered. And was certainly the only usher under the age of 35 minus one high school aged kid, which meant that all these ladies who were celebrating Girls Night Out while lubricated on liquor were a bit friendlier to me than most other shows that I volunteer at. Which was quite fine by me.

It was interesting to just stand back, direct them to the bathrooms as needed and observe. The groups ran the gamut from batchelorette parties, to groups of girls in their late 20's and 30's (come on ladies THIS is how you cut loose?) your too young for The Hanover to be your crazy night out, mother-daughter and friend tandems, co-workers and groups of cougars and no so cougars on the loose.

When the ladies think no men are watching they seem to drink to excess, I saw a couple girls who might have exceeded their monthly alcohol intake in one night, gab gab gab, and dance in the aisles to cheesy 70's jams. All in all harmless fun.

I didn't know what to expect from a show titled "Girl's Night Out", but all in all the 2 hours went by pretty quickly and the performance was pretty decent. The play surrounds 4 girls out for the night at a karaoke bar/ dance club and is narrated by an angel who was their best friend who died in a moped accident 22 years earlier. You have the girl in the unhappy marriage, the popular girl and her nerdy sister and the crazy girl on medication. The story follows their loves and love lost over the past 20 years along with the goings on in the club that night. The karaoke bar is used as a vehicle for a dozen or so songs ranging from "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" to "Lady Marmalade" to "We Are Family" to plenty of cheese in between.

All the ladies in attendance seemed to have a good evening out, and that is what it's all about.

Girl's Night Out


Anonymous said...

My aunt usher's there as well. She said it was pretty good.

Anonymous said...

That night as said by the great leader, made me ashamed to be a woman... It was cheesy at best..
I am soooo not that type of woman

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