Mens 4x100 Freestyle Relay

Talk about a race for the ages. The comeback staged and the drama of that race epitomize what is so great about the Olympic games. I'm glad the French talked trash prior to the event and had their swim caps knocked the fuck off in one of the most dramatic come from behind victories that I have ever witnessed.

The race has been over for about 40 minutes and I am still a bit to amped to go to sleep after watching those three minutes. I'm sitting here now watching Argentina and Latvia play beach volleyball! HA! But yeah the Olympics have been on all weekend, much to Crystal's chagrin. But I think that the games are the height of drama and compition and I have been watching everything from Norwegian female soccer to Chinese beach volleyball and the Team USA vs. China basketball game today and everything in between.

When there is drama like the battle that we just saw in the water cube I certainly want to be watching!

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