Summer Nationals Stunt Riders

The weather certainly has not cooperated with the Summer Nationals crowds this weekend, but the gray skies have just put an overall damper on the event rather than making it a total washout.

Earlier today I took my (pedal) bike for a ride downtown to check out the scene prior to 3pm when they would start charging admission. I was down there about noontime under some gloomy skies, there were pockets of people hanging out at the tunnel watching about a half dozen motorcycle dudes who were hanging out and putting down various tricks and stunts.

I rode my bike around and thru The Crowne Plaza and looked over the pockets of cars that were downtown rather than at Green Hill Park. Everyone that I saw was on their best behavior with plenty of motorheads and lots of fathers sharing their passion with their young ones.

And speaking of fathers, Happy Birthday Dad!! I took pics of both GTO's that I saw to send to my father who has what I think is a 68. His is in sweeter condition than the two that I saw today, but he will enjoy the pics nonetheless.

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