Worcester Common Preacher

Daily Worcesteria posted some Worcester Common rules and regulations today...


Phonographs,bullhorns, radios and loudspeakers being banned if played at a volume that would disturb others.

I guess this guy missed the memo.


Gabe said...

Okay. I am glad someone else noticed this. I need to get this guy out of there. He points his speaker directly at my building. I called the cops one day and then went and sat in the common and waited for them to come. No dice.

I am currently trying to figure out ways to esculate this into some sort of serious showdown. Do you want to be part of my Saturday on call drum circle?


4rilla said...

As I sat there listening to this guy I actually thought of you, and I was about to ask on Worcesterite if you (or anyone else) knew about this guy.

I came home and mentioned what he was doing to Crystal and wondered if you could hear him from inside your place. I figured you could because I could hear him well past your building.

Crystal and I are both in for a drum circle/ipod party/general noise function.

And I'd like to meet you sooner rather than later and buy you a beer!

Gabe said...

Next time I see you guys out I will introduce myself.

I can't seem to find out from anyone if this guy needs a permit or if he does if he in fact has one.

FreeArtWorcester said...

I'm in for the drum circle/ipod party! PLEASE SOMEONE ORGANAIZE B4 SUMMER IS OVER!!!!!