Banksy Hits New Orleans

"going through the motions kills the emotions" - Banksy

The world's most well known street artist Banksy has taken to the streets of New Orleans this past week, to put his unique spin on the Hurricane Katrina disaster and clean up efforts three years after the fact.

These pieces are top notch works and reflect the social and political commentary of the devastation that Katrina left in her wake. The timing of Gustav hitting NOLA this weekend is uncanny and I hope that a repeat of Katrina will be avoided at least on a human level, but it seems that the meteorological impact is going to be pretty severe. It will be interesting to say the least how these rebuilt levees hold up.

The top picture is actually a new piece was also discovered over the weekend in Birmingham, AL featuring a lynched KKK member on the side of an abandoned gas station. I can only hope that Banksy has a safe and long journey on the highways and byways of the good old USA painting pictures on walls that are truly thought provoking.

Banksy New Orleans Pool on Flickr

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the 1st one is in birmingham alabama