Thanks Bill at FLY ORH

I've been reading Bill Randell's blog since day one of moving to Worcester, since our original place was on Ludlow St. a stones throw from the so called airport his blog was a big part of some pre move research.

In the past year Bill's blog has become less airport centric, and has focused all all areas and aspects of Worcester. I guess it is hard for the blog to stay airport centric when there is so little happening there. Over the past months Bill's blog has brought forth many pieces of information that about business and community that you can't find in your daily T&G and for that I am grateful!

Bill provided a link to my blog today as his Labor Day Special and I noticed I had yet to add his blog to my blogroll, which is totally my fault. So I just added Bill, deleted some old links of people who don't update any more and moved all the Worcester bloggers to the top of the list, to make it a bit easier for the locals. Although Tony Pierce does hold the #2 blogroll spot right under Crystal since he kicked off my blogging habit over 3 years ago.

I have a live Fantasy Football draft in 45 minutes at 9:30 and have to go do some research, I'll be posting my football draft results late this evening or tomorrow.


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