Cool Good Morning America Whistlestop Train Technology Video

'GMA' Train Technology Tour @ Yahoo! Video

The Whistle-Stop Tour @ Yahoo! Video

Just click on either of the pictures to launch the videos promoting the Good Morning America Whistle-stop 08 tour which launches from Worcester Sunday morning!!

One 3 and a half minute piece shows the GMA Whistestop tour train inside and out including the mobile broadcast studio specially built gyroscopic satellite antennas as well as some of the background that went into planning the route including mapping and helicopter backup. The other video features the interiors of the antique train cars that are attached and the ABC crew will be broadcasting from.

The Good Morning America tour will kick off from Union Station Sunday morning between 9am and 10am. I hope the Obama supporters and Worcester cheerleaders show up in force for the small bit of tape that will air on GMA Monday Morning.

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