Good Morning America Whistlestop 08 Tour Rolls Into Worcester

Since the GMA Whistle-stop 08 tour is hitting the rails from Union Station tomorrow I figured that it would stand to reason that the GMA train would hit town sometime today. Whenever a train would roll by outside today I would peek to see if it was the everyday CSX cargo hauler or this specially outfitted GMA train. At 10:20pm, sure enough the Whistlestop 08 tour train rolled by within 20 feet of my building.

So I jumped in the car and headed to Union Station to hope to grab some decent snaps, I figured the train would be sitting their overnight and hoped I could grab some nice night shots with Union Station in the background. I got there and there was no train to be found. The security guard told me that the train was staying at the P&W terminal on Southbridge St, which is basically a quarter mile from my house.

Sure enough the train was right there on the elevated section of track between the P&W offices and the Gulf station. I snapped a couple pictures but there was very little light, so what you see is the best I could get. and unfortunately the antique cars were way down the track so I couldn't even get at them. I'll take some small pride in being the first to get any pics of this train in Worcester up on the web though.

I'll have more pictures up tomorrow after the event.

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