All Hail Eric The Midget- September Hit Totals

I have to thank Howard Stern, Eric The Midget and Johnny Fratto for the graphic that you see above. If Johnny wasn't pimping Eric out on the Stern show every day looking for plugs the September traffic would have followed my normal and modest trending pattern.

But after Eric went to the Strippers and Hustlers ball this month and had a ton of pictures taken of him and the discussion that ensued on the Stern show every Stern fan who had not already looked at the pictures on SFN got straight to google to find the pics. And my site was a big beneficiary of all that searching. And since I listen to every Stern show from beginning to end I have no problem posting relevant stuff to the show and having Stern fans come on by to peep the blog. Can't wait until they get that ETM "real doll" made in the coming months!

September's hits doubled the hits from August and is 1640% more than a year ago.


xTx said...

if i ever bought an eric the midget real doll i would totally tag team that fucker

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