Eric The Midget JFSC Vegas Stripper & Hustler Ball Pictures

Over the weekend I saw all the Eric The Midget pictures from the Stripper & Hustler Ball that were posted up on Stern Fan Network. Looking at the pictures of Eric and reading through the people on SFN tearing him apart for his on air antics brings up quite the melange of feelings.

These pictures are probably the best ever series of candid shots of Eric The Midget away from his webcam and bedroom. In looking at the pictures you can't help but feel bad for the little guy due to his disabilities, but on the other hand I shake my head wondering how he can be such an obnoxious self absorbed asshole to Howard and the crew when he is on the air. No doubt growing up with this affliction would give you quite the complex and it is something that I can not comprehend, but Eric gets away with calling Howard names that nobody else can get away with and often I feel that Eric is indirectly taking a shit on the show and the listeners.

I was going to post these over the weekend but never got around to it. After Howard mentioned the pictures on air today I have received quadruple my normal traffic with people looking for the pics and landing on old pictures that I posted with Eric and Kendra. So with demand like that I figured I better give the people what they want!

Original Stern Fan Network Thread
Shabooty's Take


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting these, i looked everywhere for them and coulndt find them cuz the ones on stern fan network say "bandwidth exceeded." i'm still listening to tuesday's show. prolly one of the funniest.

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