Rene Gagnon Opening @ Deblois Gallery Newport RI 10/4/08

This coming Saturday is the Opening Reception for the Rene Gagnon show at the Deblois Gallery in Newport, RI.

On Saturday Crystal and I will be going to the opening with my mother as a sort of Happy Birthday hangout with my mom. It is pretty much thru the street pieces of Rene that I have introduced my mother to the world of graffiti and stencils and street art. Now she is even borrowing my Banksy books from me and snapping graffiti pics on her cell phone and sending them to me.

Rene was nothing but nice when Crystal and I met him in Beacon NY at Electric Windows earlier this summer, plus we went to the same high school and grew up in the same city. I'm sure everything at the show will be out of my league price wise, but it will be cool to hang out with my two favorite ladies and look at some cool pieces of art in the flesh.

Rene Gagnon Fine Art

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